We know how much your company means to you.
Let us make others see it with your eyes.

What are we doing?

The purpose of cooperation with Okaeri Consulting and the core of all actions taken is one and only one thing: shortening the path to achieving business goals by our client. How do we do it? We help telling the story of company, product, or service to all those who should hear about it. As narrators, we help to create consumer attitudes conducive to sales processes and explain the actions of public opinion investors, mitigating their fears. We do not say that our client is the best – we present facts that perceive him in this way.

Business Consulting

Communication should reflect organization’s actions – understanding this dependency, we offer our clients activities in Business Consulting.
In business consulting activities we cooperate with the most prominent representatives of the business world in Poland.
Our team audits the company, its market environment, and a broad context that may cause doubts. Through workshops, sometimes asking uncomfortable questions, but above all carefully listening and analyzing, we help business leaders find choices and implement them effectively.



We perform corporate communication as a narrative on behalf of the client – to the market or consumers – based on the professional selection of information about a given company. We help identify facts from the history of the company’s operations that often escape even the owner’s attention as “obvious” or “irrelevant.” However, these small, little things are the basis of your success and what matters most to your audience. Using our experience, we help our clients make others perceive their company as they do.


The stock exchange is a demanding environment where a wrong choice of words can result in both astronomical success and a blatant failure of the company.
In our practice, we supported debuts and managed acquisitions
Including defending enterprises against hostile ones, coordinating changes related to acquisitions, mergers, or withdrawing company shares from the market.

Investment communication

In Poland, not financing or regulatory complexities are the main reason for delaying investments. Still, the resistance of the social and administrative sides is caused by a misunderstanding of the investor’s idea.
Working with investors from all over Poland, we have developed our workshop to talk to the public and the administration, which allows them to develop their concerns, prevent misinformation, and ultimately, a fruitful project implementation.
In our method, we use knowledge in the field of psychology and sociology as well as twin-track public relations and public affairs tools to achieve optimal results for the client. We provide communication support for Investors at every stage of implementation: preliminary analyzes, the commencement of works, through all administrative steps, public consultations, issuing permits to the final commissioning of the investment.

Crisis management

Okaeri Consulting deals with comprehensive crisis management, the only component of which is crisis communication. We cooperate with law firms and experts in various fields to realistically and comprehensively support our clients.We start our cooperation with a thorough analysis of the situation, based on which we prepare a carefully planned and at the same time quick response. Flexibility and the highest responsiveness help our clients to protect their companies, employees, and reputation. A properly developed strategy, based on experience and the ability to respond to a constantly changing situation rapidly, allows our clients to come out of difficult situations stronger.

Brand Launches

Debuts on the new markets are one of the most important milestones in the history of companies’ development. Preparing the market for the appearance of a new player on it, creating an atmosphere of waiting for a completely new product or service may determine the success or failure of the venture. Therefore, proper communication and adapting the company’s language to local customs and preferences are key factors in using the full potential of expansion. As Okaeri Consulting, we had the privilege of supervising and implementing the debuts of foreign, global brands from the luxury and premium segment in Poland.


We know how important it is to acquire new competencies and expand knowledge constantly. Therefore, as part of our offer, we also invite you to workshops conducted by Okaeri experts, the aim of which is to help our clients successively develop their business. We conduct training in:

  • Building an expert brand
  • Building relationships with the media
  • Crisis management
  • Building value in the organization
  • Social Media Management
  • Communication of the change

To get acquainted with the detailed workshop offer, don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or e-mail.