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Crisis Management, Corporate PR and communications support for the investment.

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Okaeri in Japanease means „welcome home” which fully describes the idea of building fair and partner relations with our Clients. We know what we are doing and we are aware of the importance of mutual trust and the transparency of our actions. That is why we always present our Clients the actual status/condition, we never promise the impossible and we charge in a fully transparent manner. Okaeri are experienced consultants who share the professionalism, commitment, traditional - Christian values ​​and passion

Michał Nowak

Właściciel i Dyrektor Zarządzający

Klaudia Fotyniuk

Senior Consultant

Piotr Krynicki


Naszą pracą i postawą chcemy zmieniać świat, dlatego też z każdego dochodu 10% przekazujemy na cele charytatywne. 

Zespół Okaeri 

Crisis Management

First and foremost, effective crisis communication should start from early worrying signals, accurate analysis, well planned and rapid response that helps our clients protects their business, employees and reputation. Properly prepared strategy, based on experience and the ability to adjust instantly to current situation, allow our Clients to escape from difficult circumstances stronger than before. 


Consultants’ experience:

Energy sector (RES and conventional generation), fuel, mining, financial, new technologies, pharmaceutical and legal sectors. 

Corporate PR

Proper image building of a corporation should be based on its actual characteristics and its individuality. Therefore, we offer an individual approach to each Client, starting from helping to describe those unique features. Consistent and credible image is crucial for a company. Using our experience, we help our Clients to make the environment see them through their eyes.

Consultants’ experience:

Energy, telecommunications, pharmaceutical, sport and cosmetic sectors, NGO’s 

Communications support for the investment.

It is not bureaucracy, nor lack of funding but the social resistance, the reason why a large majority of investments is blocked nowadays in Poland. We have extensive experience gained at the performance of numerous investments projects all over Poland. We provide communication support for Investors on each phase: pre-purchase analysis of the investment/commence the performance through all the administrative stages, public consultations, building permits to the completion of the investments.

Consultants’ experience:

Energy, logistics and mining sectors

We have experience in the following sectors

Due to the specific nature of our work most of the Customers is confidential.

We know from experience that the difficult situations that require external consultation happen when you least expect, so we are at your service seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Please contact us and we are happy to meet with you, pre-analyze your situation and offer possible solutions.

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